Join the Market is our version of an Apostolic Ebay. it is a perfect avenue where users can come together to buy, sell and trade used, new or custom tailored clothing. If you have a store a boutique or are gifted in creating accessories or skirts – give us a try! started with the hope of creating a growing community where clothing can be shared and purchased among like minded believers. If you are looking for a great deal on shoes, skirts, clothing and accessories – Apostolic Market is definitely the place for you. If you have clothing or – like many pentecostals – are skilled in creating accessories and skirts – you may want to create a free store and join in on the market. Lets work together to spread holiness to those in need.



Weekly Giveaways on Facebook

If your Apostolic, Not Apostolic or have no idea what it even means to be an Apostolic, You can still join a facebook page where does an amazing giveaway each week of sweaters and jackets that are most popular or brand new.

Its a perfect way of getting that gift for a special someone (even if that special someone is youself). Apostolic Clothing Co. Kick started in April with only a few tailors and has grown real fast since then already pushing close to 13,000 fans on Facebook and now over 25 tailors and retailers marketing on Recently, Apostolic Clothing Co. started a line called D.A.R.E with an amazing array of exotic sweaters, jackets, skirts etc. The line got so many hits, that they began doing weekly giveaways to promote the products. VIEW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE HERE:


Shop at our store

If you are tired of searching through clothing racks in hope of finding clothing that is modest, let Apostolic Clothing relieve you of that frustration. With over 500 items to choose from, Apostolic Clothing is the #1 source of all modest needs! is a one stop shop for all modest clothing needs. Revamped in April 2012, we have grown by leaps and bounds and now offer a large variety of over 500 items including skirts, tops, cardigans, sweaters, jackets, sleeve extensions, layering basics and more! Take a look and create an account to get into our weekly promotions.